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Stay Healthy During the Holidays

I’ve never felt so empowered about my children’s health and wellness, even with every herb and nutritional product I’ve researched and tried. The benefits are measurable, the product potent (only need one drop) and the results are powerful.
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4 Ways Singles can enjoy ….

I’ve often marveled at how much anticipation and expectation is built up around certain holidays and events such as Valentine’s day. A day to honor Love in all it’s splendor. However more often than not, the weeks leading up to this day of love often nudge people into a slightly less loving space… Read more →


Your Next Chapter is Waiting

“Say Thank You” she was sobbing and resistant but I continued “Say Thank You because you Know god/goddess has put a rainbow in the clouds…they have evicted you – Good on them and Very Good on You because what you’re going to get Darling, they would long for”. Read more →